There is something so fantastic about a cup of blended fruits and vegetables.  Maybe its the colors, the cold, the texture, the act of using a straw. Maybe the wonder of packing various, solid objects full of nutrition into a blender and coming a way with a delicious glass of sweet delight that is unlike any that has ever come before it.


of Love.

Slab City, CA– Just east of the Salton Sea and an hour and a half from Palm Springs, Salvation Mountain rises out of the desert tundra. An explosion of color, a vibrant declaration interrupts the tan desert expanse of Slab City.

Salvation Mountain’s summit is over 50 feet high, it’s base, 150 feet wide and was crafted over decades. An amalgamation of straw, clay, over 100,000 gallons of donated paint along with the sweat and dedication of Leonard Knight- the landmark has been declared “a folk art site worthy of preservation and protection” by the Folk Art Society of America.






Myanmar (Burma)– What consumes most days:
Rising around 4am, to the sounds of chanting monks metallically over loudspeakers, much like the call to prayer.

Lying awake marveling at both the vastness and universality of the world (in spite of sub par internet, our guide recently deleted his Facebook page after he and his gf split and she married someone else. He couldn’t handle seeing pictures of them together, happy) wait for the sun to rise.

Trip Out

Maya Hayuk beautifies the Bowery.

One of our favorite artists (and UF contributor) Maya Hayuk brightens the Bowery and beyond, globetrotting to places like Belgium, Mexico, Rio and then some- leaving behind her calling card of psychedelic, colorful expanses.


Into the Light

HOST is the culinary venture of Katie Hardin and Jaclyn Delorey based out of Portland, OR.  Born from their mutual love of throwing an unforgettable party, HOST seeks to bring the masses the magic of well curated meal in a warm space. The goal of each event is that perfect combination of the quiet moment brought on by good food and the flow of effortless conversations with strangers.


To the jungle



“I’m always content,”

Miss Gamelon declares to Miss Goering

in Jane Bowles’ Two Serious Ladies,

“because I  know what to take and what to leave,

but you are always at the mercy.”

We too felt Miss Gamelon’s disapproving gaze upon us

our first night in Reykjavík

at that bar, Boston

where we tried too hard

to enjoy conversations

that stopped and started like bumper cars

with strange strangers.



= Delicious

We love Dimes. One of the few places in the city capable of transporting one to the sunlight and nutrient-rich, yet delicious food generally relegated to the California coast- this LES/Chinatown restaurant is striking a chord with many. The place is born from great stock- co-owners Sabrina De Sousa and Alissa Wagner met at the beloved nearby cafe Lovely Day, with combined experience including Natural Gourmet Institute and Northern Spy Food Co.

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