BOOK STAND founder Claire Cottrell transports us to Berlin for a 3 day installation of art books about the natural world, including BOOK CLUB No. 2 – an afternoon celebrating the high art of self-published printed matter and alternative shopping situations, a candlelight reading by Los Angeles-based photographer, Jordan Sullivan, a viola performance by Berlin-based Doreen Ooi, photography from The Summer Print Shop, a collection of prints about the natural world in a specific color palette.


Created by two best friends with an infatuation with Rosé, Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir’s Yes Way Rosé is a pale-pink dreamworld: a gorgeous, dry-humored, laid-back and stylish place inspired by their favorite wine. Here they help you see the world through Rosé colored glasses.



All images by Jaclyn Hodes

INDIA– I was at Amritapuri [the ashram and birthplace of Amma, a spiritual leader, humanitarian and guru] in Kollum Kerala India for 3 nights when my friend Diana (Khalsa Kaur) showed up somewhat unexpectedly to Amma’s ashram. I knew she was in India and that we might join up somewhere at some point but had no idea yet how we’d find one another.



The Making of Book of Shadows, a collaboration between Amelia Bauer and Elizabeth Parks Kibbey
The word Pagan comes from the Latin word Paganus, meaning of or pertaining to the countryside, rural, rustic. The 17th century saw the innovation and popularization of the floral still life painting in Europe and its colonies. By the end of the same century, the Salem Witch trials were occurring in America. Witchcraft, a belief system that focused on the cycles of the natural world, included among its rituals the use of botanicals dried and kept in bottles or carried in pouches, bathed in or brewed as tea.


Perpetual Sunset

“Travel is not transcendence.  It’s immanence.  It’s trying to be here.”
–Eileen Myles The Importance of Being Iceland
In the summer of last year, my wife, Krysta Jabczenski, and I were married.  We live in Tucson, Arizona, which is calm, cool, and somewhat perfect for nine months out of the year … right before summer hits, and temperatures persist in 3 digits for 120 straight days.  Faced with the option of being a newly married couple unable to leave the house, or a newlyweds able to roam the world, the decision seemed relatively clear.

Rolling Stone

Fruits of the Season

Barrett Prendergast is a multi-talented Los Angeles-based chef, caterer, party planner and gifter. Find her at Valleybrink Road. In celebration of summer’s arrival, and with it the earth’s bounty, she shares her beautiful recipe for stone fruit salad with arugula and pecorino romano.


Hot tips: Cool summer

Melina Meza is one of our favorite yoga all-stars. With a BA in Nutrition from Bastyr University, she’s also a certified Ayurveda Health Educator from the California College of Ayurveda who’s been exploring the art and science of yoga and nutrition for over 20 years. She combines her knowledge of Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda, whole foods nutrition, and healthy lifestyle promotion into a unique style called Seasonal Vinyasa.


of California Poppies

Antelope Valley, CA– I had to leave New York for a second so I went to California.

Hills draped with a bright orange carpet of flowers laced with purple and yellow. Thin dirt trail necklaces. A preserve for escholtiza californica. Golden poppies.

What an elegant undertaking. The California Poppy Reserve. Parks for wildlife. Preserves for wildflowers? A gesture of confidence. Of pride. Unknown even to locals


Acoustic rejuvenation in the desert

Landers, CA– 20 miles North of Joshua Tree National Park, atop a concentrated magnetic field- rises an acoustically perfect wooden structure based on the design of Moses’ Tabernacle and the writings of Nikola Tesla.

The Integratron, a mystical, extra-terrestrial looking white dome was born from an intergalactic exchange. Venusians, specifically. During a silent night, under a full moon of August of 1953- desert dweller, aeronautical engineer and meditator George Van Tassel claims to have been woken up by a flying saucer.

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