Inspired in part by the spirit of Wallace Berman’s Semina journal series (Topanga Canyon, ’55–’64), The Unified Field offers a unique collection of perspectives in very limited editions. Each issue unites a wide array of contributors under a unique overarching theme. As the name implies, The Unified Field will bring together disparate elements: high / low, academic / primal, word / picture. For this initial release, The Unified Field is honored to present: ISSUE 01 transition. Each journal includes a hand numbered pressing on a clear vinyl 10” featuring tracks by: Robin Pecknold, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Amen Dunes, Department of Eagles and more… These artists have contributed previously un-released songs in their raw, newly crafted state—a rare glimpse at works between conception and completion. Damien Echols, of the West Memphis 3, just weeks following his release after 18 years on death row, penned an entry reflecting his thoughts during such a drastic shift in reality. Author, editor and activist Gloria Steinem has shared previously unpublished writing. Charles Aaron, Editorial Director of SPIN magazine, muses on his selections from African magazine Transition and the impact they’ve had. Renowned music photographer Autumn de Wilde captures intimate portraits of adolescence. These and many more contributions from artists, writers, filmmakers and other creators reside alongside one another in the first collection of The Unified Field.

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  • Marlow & Sons / Brooklyn, NY
  • Mociun / Brooklyn, NY
  • Creatures of Comfort / New York, NY
  • Book Marc / New York, NY
  • Opening Ceremony / New York / Los Angeles
  • Lesters / Miami, FL
  • Freda / Marfa, TX
  • Elliot Bay Books / Seattle, WA
  • Lowell / Portland, OR
  • Needles and Pens / San Francisco, CA
  • Henry Miller Library / Big Sur, CA
  • Family / Los Angeles, CA
  • Do You Read Me?! / Berlin, Germany
  • ACE Hotels
  • Ooga Booga / Los Angeles, CA
  • Skylight Books / Los Angeles, CA
  • BOOK STAND / Los Angeles, CA
  • Select Record Stores / Worldwide