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Fruits of the Season

Barrett Prendergast is a multi-talented Los Angeles-based chef, caterer, party planner and gifter. Find her at Valleybrink Road. In celebration of summer’s arrival, and with it the earth’s bounty, she shares her beautiful recipe for stone fruit salad with arugula and pecorino romano.

I was reminded of this recipe last week at the farmers market, with all the stone fruits starting to make their appearance. I wrote it last summer and completely forgot to share. You can really use any stone fruit that is ripe, sweet, and ready to eat. Apricots, plums, nectarines, peaches…feel free to play around with a combination that sounds good to you. Make this salad on a hot spring or summer day, as it is simple, light, and makes for a beautiful presentation.



Serves 2

1 nectarine, yellow or white, sliced into thin wedges
1 pluot or plum, sliced into thin wedges
1/4 lb baby arugula
pecorino romano

sherry vinaigrette
1 tablespoon sherry vinegar
1/4 tsp dry mustard
1 teaspoon shallot, minced
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
sea salt
freshly ground black pepper


To make the vinaigrette, combine the vinegar, dry mustard, and shallot in a small bowl. While whisking, slowly add in the olive oil and whisk until emulsified. Add a pinch of sea salt and some black pepper. Whisk. Taste and season with more salt and pepper if necessary.


To assemble the salad, place the stone fruit and baby arugula in a large bowl. Gently fold together to combine. Slowly drizzle a little dressing over the salad and start to gently mix together. Add dressing just until the leaves of the arugula are lightly coated.

With a vegetable peeler, start shaving long pieces of pecorino into the salad. Mix and continue shaving until you have a good amount in the salad. Remember pecorino is salty so taste as you go. If you need to add more salt or pepper, do so now. Give one final gently toss and serve immediately.