We are big fans of LA-based cold-pressed juicery Moon JuiceРnow with locations in Venice, Silverlake and the Ace Hotel in DTLA. Owner and mastermind Amanda Chantal Bacon crafts recipes for nurturing and nourishing from within with the most beautiful of ingredients.

Here she shares her recipe for WARM EARTHY ROSE TONIC:

I came up with this recipe to calm the nervous system, feed the ojas in the body (ojas translates from sanskrit as “vigor”- it’s the sap of life and energy that feeds the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies), and to satiate my evening sweet teeth.¬†

>>>Steep a bag of Tulsi tea in a base of gently warmed almond milk

>>>Add one tsp of ghee (clarified butter, very grounding)

>>>Add one tsp of rose water

>>>Add a grain of shilajit resin

>>>Add a drop of stevia