In the Cedar Grove

photo credit: Sean Pecknold

Los Angeles, CA– We were honored to take part in the first BOOK CLUB.

Focused on the high art of self-published printed matter and alternative shopping situations, BOOK CLUB is a new project by BOOK STAND founder, Claire Cottrell, and Los Angeles-based photographer, Jordan Sullivan, that takes advantage of stunning, lesser known corners of LA’s expansive┬ápublic parkland.

“There were some 50-plus folks chilling in a grove of old-growth trees browsing wares displayed ceremoniously on matching hand-dyed linen blankets.”VICE

In the dreamy Cedar Grove in Griffith Park, we gathered on blankets with printed wares from:

Future Desert
Gottlund Verlag
Jordan Sullivan
Pau Wau Publications
Rain or Shine Books
Rock Bottom Publications
Synonym Journal
Unified Field Collective

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