Autumn’s Invitation

It is in Autumn + Winter when all things return inward for rest so that they may return again, full of life come Spring.  It is this time when the plants draw their energy beneath the Earth’s surface, deep into their roots to gather nourishment, laying dormant until the time is right once more to burst forth in an exhuberant expression of new life.  So too, we humans must take this time to become quiet within ourselves, to rest, to hibernate, and to go underground in whatever ways our life allows.  For some this may mean a long Winter, shrouded in snow, spent in a rhythm of chopping wood, stirring soups, and reading by the woodstove, for others it may look more like donning a favorite sweater, going to bed an hour earlier, and greeting the day with a cup of warm tea.  Whatever quieting and slowing your world allows for, make space for it wholeheartedly.